Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obses Itu Jangan

Apa obes?! Kau kata aku obes?

Ngeng. Baca la betul-betul paan.


Dari Wikipedia.

Kegilaan, ialah tanda seseorang itu obses. Terma ini digunakan pada orang yang terlalu meminati sesuatu objek atau perbuatan.

Yep. Itu tahap tertinggi dalam obses. Gila. Kalau terlalu obses terhadap wanita. Means tergila-gilakan wanita. Orang yang terlalu obses terhadap wanita ni sanggup lakukan APA SAHAJA demi memuaskan diri si pelaku itu.

Tengok tak muzik video lagu baru Shahir?

Lagu Shahir - Luar Biasa [layan gak lagu nye..] :)

Dalam lakonan Syahir tu, die lakonkan sebagai watak yang terlalu obseskan wanita idaman nya yang dia sendiri tak dapat.

Dalam fikirannya, "Kalau aku tak dapat kau, baik sorang pon tak dapat!" Tu yang dia sanggup bunuh wanita tersebut.

Kadang-kadang, kita tak tahu pun kesukaan kita, yang selalu kita puja-puja, yang kita sayangi. Mampu berubah menjadi obsession.

Jadi hati-hati la eh? Sayang itu bole. Berkasih itu pun tiada salahnya. Tapi kita perlu, tidak, mesti pastikan perasaan kita itu masih boleh dikawal.

Pernah ada sahabat memberi hujah, 
"Jangan biarkan perasaan mengawal kita, sebaliknya kita yang mengawal perasaan itu. Sesungguhnya, jika perasaan mengawal kita, anda akan hanyut."

Good luck semua! X)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Financial Independence

Hey-o peeps!

This morning I teman my bestie go to job interview.


I think that's the name of the company.

She leaves me after I wished her good luck.

Sampai-sampai je ya Allah. Panas nak mampos!

Ada air cond. Tapi tak on. Takkan aku nak suruh the employees nak on kan.

Segan kot.

S'okay. It's cool. There's a man suddenly appear and say, "Hello. Please, help yourself with the drinks."

Itz okay dude. Mak bestie aku da bagi air tadi. Kenyang dah.

Moments later, the same guy kind heartedly switch on the air-cond~ Oh, god bless you mister. XD

After feeling fresh with my sweat all dried up, my eye caught something interesting.

A book made by the HSBC Bank.

It is about 'Financial Independence'.


Financial Independence!? WTH!?

Izit the same as Malaysian Independence?

Haha. No.


First and foremost, Financial Independence is not to be mistaken with us having high income. It is basically, about spend less than you make.

There are 4 points that should be taken consider.

1.    Set Goals

Yep. Set your goals. Short term goals and long term goals.

Short term goals are the basics like saving deposits, pay off credit card bills which will support the long term goals.

The long term goals are buying a house and/or saving up money for early retirement.

Like me [a student], if i were to buy a motorbike Yamaha LC (long term),

Nice.. This is what I want..
I have to settle my PTPTN debt first (short term).

2.    Keep Wealth Flow

One word. Investment.

By investing your money, your future is confirmed.

In addition, writing a Will can help to channel your wealth to your family.

3.   Security by Insurance.


There are two types of insurance; whole life insurance and endowment insurance.

    -  Whole life insurance : money accumulated of fixed payment and will receive pay after the issuer's death.
    -  Endowment insurance : money accumulated  of fixed payment and will receive pay after the issuer's death, or the maturity of the insurance, or whichever comes first.

Aku baru belajar bende ni sem lepas. LOL

By having an insurance for you and your family, you have the protection from any losses

Plus, bestie aku pun penah cakap yang aku perlu dan mesti dapatkan insurans. Memang tak dapat nak dinafikan.

4.   Building nest egg for children

Teach. Child. To. Save.

Yes. Teach personal finance at young age. 

How? Simple. Train children to save a percentage of money earned by gifts and part time work. Invest those.

InsyaAllah, no sweat and tears shed when they start college.

Also, taking up insurance police that builds up cash value when the child is very young is a good start.


Aiya. Take small steps every day loh.

Because rome was not build in a day, neither did Malaysia gain independence overnight.

Set goal, know what you want, work towards it.


Sunday, May 22, 2011



This morning I had a this one bizarre dream.

There this one time, there's this mysterious company offers me a free humongous, spacious and nice bungalow.

On One Condition......

Between intervals of time, I had to eliminate a huge number of rats that creep all over the bungalow.



(I think that company did it)  

Because before the second wave comes [this is similar to Plants vs Zombie eh?], I saw a lorry like a cement mixer lorry dumping off loads of rats.

Well, its go time. POW! PEK! SPLAT! KA-THONK! 

It's a good thing that they don't smell. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tip #1

Hey peeps! Among y'all, mesti korang main patapon.

Btol tak? Ape? Patapon tu pebende?

Ni ha..

Patapon (パタポン) is a video game published for the PSP combining gameplay features of rhythm game. The game is presented in a cartoonish,  two-dimensional environment designed by Rolito, and features the player acting as a deity who commands an army of caricatured miniature tribal creatures by beating traditional talking drums. The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios.

Ni dari Wikipedia.

Main game ni senang je. Directional button langsung tak pakai. Pakai time nk scroll untuk inventories, army,

Cume pakai button CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X.

PON PON PATA PON : Attack Song
DON DON DON DON DON : Miracle Song
PON PATA PON PATA : Retreat Song

Lawan Mammoth
Lawan Mochichichi

Having troubles with keeping up with continuous combos for fever mode?


Chillax. Here's how.

1.   After chanting any one the song, lessay 'PON PON PATA PON' (march song) try repeating the rhythm in your heart. Could repair your timing. =)
2.   Do you notice that at the sides of the screen, there is a white box / yellowish red box blinking? Well, everytime that box blinks, that is when you are supposed to press the button! Possibly can maintain fever mode from the start until your mission ends.

Patapon 2 is better than Patapon because of its easy perfect rhythms.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tiap seorang ada wishlist.

Aku pon ada.

Tapi tiap tahun mesti berubah.

Tapi sekarang aku da ada....


Rocket Semi-Acoustic Guitar

What I have to do is I have to learn the ABCs of guitar lessons. =D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Antara yang terbaik~

Thanks to my lovely Auntie Debam (not her real name), I was given the opportunity to use various types male perfumes. 

What? Eau de toilette? Eau de parfum?


Lemme explain.

Eau de toilette (toilet water in french) are commonly found in men's perfume. They have weak concentrate of perfume in it. 

Eau de parfum (perfume water in french) are commonly found in women's perfume. They have stronger concentrate than eau de toilette. They last longer than eau de toilette. Yes. That is why women's perfume last longer than men. 

Well, since I love smelling.

My keenness in smelling improves drastically.

Here, I wanna share with you guys the perfumes that smell the best. :)

1. CK Be

My current perfume

2. CK One

 3. Ultravioletman Colours Of Summer

These are the top three perfumes that I love. =)

Wait! There's one more!

4. Polo Black

Nice smell. My bestie like it too. =)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rumah Kamil

Penah skali time kechik-kechik dulu aku slalu naik skuter aku lepak umah member aku.

Yup this kind of scooter. It was really hot back then.

Anyways, petang-petang aku bosan. Aku merayau naik skuter. Pegy rumah member aku kat kawasan rumah-rumah flat berdekatan dengan LRT Pandan Indah.

Aku sanggup naik rumah dia, masuk tak ketuk pintu, salam pun takde, tetiba datang camtu and blah camtu je.


Sorry Kamil.

Aku tak pun tak tahu apa la yang aku buat dulu.