Monday, September 3, 2012

Bodoh #4

Hello everybody.

This is very very recent happened to me. LOL

I felt really really bodoh and why la I do that. Hahaha

The story goes like this...................

My friend Arie asked me to pick him up at the college hostel. (Because before that I drove his car to do a study-related errand)

So, I need to go to the toilet first before driving. But then, there is this one auntie.....

My path to arie's car

So, she asks me...

I was like, excuse me?

She ask again..

(My cousin gave me a new watch to me as he didn't wear it no more..)

Using the exact quote, the auntie said..


So, I was rushing like hell. But then suddenly, something struck my mind.

The auntie asked me, jam berapa,  jam berapa.

She asked me what is the time! Not how much!!!

Jam pukul berapa!!

Not jam berapa RM!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Lady, the dog and the elevator.

One beautiful day at Singapore, I was derping around at my grandma's ground floor apartment.

When i was about to go back to my granma's house. There was this lady and her dog about to enter the elevator that I was going to enter as well.

I scared that the dog would lick me. Cuz, later on I will have to samak myself. =3='

Then the lady ask me...

And i was like..

Then she say...

Then she went up just like that. Pfft.

She did say sorry though.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dear readers,

I apologize for my absence in posting my blogs for the past few months. Seriously, I had no time and no idea what to type about. But now, my ideas are blooming back and I will blog again!  :)

Yours truly,
A'an Enal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Research #1

Hey2. :)

Okay, maybe bukan research la kan.

Ada member aku ni belajar kat Australia. Dia ada gak cerita yang kawan dia memang pandai bahagi masa untuk kawan-kawan dengan pasangan dia.

He rejects her gf's call cuz he is currently spending time with  my friend there. The gf understands and respects the guy. 

So, I tried asking around at my workplace.

I gave them a situation and it goes like this.

'Contohnya, akak muda sikit dan saya dengan akak sebaya. Kita couple time tu. Then satu malam akak nak sembang dengan saya. Jadi akak pun give me a call. Bila saya angkat, saya pun cakap, "Awak, call balik kejap lagi boleh? Saya tengah bersembang dengan kawan saya," Soalannya, apa perasaan akak? '

  • Kawan itu ialah seorang lelaki.
  • Kawan dari Universiti
  • Semua akak2 yang aku tanya sudah berpasangan (berkahwin, bertunang, berkapel)

Ada 6 orang aku tanya :
- kak mas
- kak syiera
- kak zai
- kak nor
- kak thilaga
- kak sue

Alhamdulillah. 5 orang bagi jawapan yang positif. Mereka memahami 'aku'. 

Unfortunately, one of them fed up by 'my' action. She thought that 'I' cheat on her. LOL

Konklusinya, aku memang hepi. Ramai bagi jawapan yang positive. Mereka faham pasangan masing-masing. 

Susah nak dapat manusia yang jujur sekarang. Tapi, kena cuba yang terbaik! :) *winks*