Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Antara yang terbaik~

Thanks to my lovely Auntie Debam (not her real name), I was given the opportunity to use various types male perfumes. 

What? Eau de toilette? Eau de parfum?


Lemme explain.

Eau de toilette (toilet water in french) are commonly found in men's perfume. They have weak concentrate of perfume in it. 

Eau de parfum (perfume water in french) are commonly found in women's perfume. They have stronger concentrate than eau de toilette. They last longer than eau de toilette. Yes. That is why women's perfume last longer than men. 

Well, since I love smelling.

My keenness in smelling improves drastically.

Here, I wanna share with you guys the perfumes that smell the best. :)

1. CK Be

My current perfume

2. CK One

 3. Ultravioletman Colours Of Summer

These are the top three perfumes that I love. =)

Wait! There's one more!

4. Polo Black

Nice smell. My bestie like it too. =)


  1. i love CK IN2U for Her. ;)

  2. nice.. tp korg gurls slalu pakai perfume apa ek?

  3. i dunno bout others..but i love Body shop :)

  4. body shop byk nyah 'auw auw'.. yecks. :(


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