Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Vlog

Guys, enjoy.


  1. yep. when pigs fly if i ever can play like that. haha

  2. WHOA o2jam! i've always been a fan of that game tp x penah try. eh kejap penah try dlded version but as expected cant even keep up w the easiest one. i like rhythm game tp o2jam mcm WHOA sgt :P okok lets not talk abt o2jam. since im here to comment on ur first vlog XD

    first of all, well done incik! it must have taken lotsa courage to upload and show it to other ppl. if ur srs abt vlogging, make sure try up kan lagi ke-clearan video n ckp kuwat kuwat sikit :D but ni first video, its okay nk try try lg kan :3 and then since i've been watching lots n lotsa vlogs since few months ago, vloggers byk ckp it'd be easier if kite ade script. nnt ms record xade part terdiam/blur. and also for me, i like vlog with lotsa funny parts. bebel lebih byk dgn lebih byk humor mesti boleh tarik org. maybe if ur up to it, can try mini drama jgk. buat scene2 mcm part incik main game dkt hp tu kan, boleh elaborate lg or membebel dgn active! make it fun :3

    okei? idek what i've written isk pandai2 je. haha. anyway those above are all my preferences je. no offence shud there be anything hurtful X3;;

    once again, keep it up! lookin forward for the nex vids heehee ;D

  3. aww.. Thx bunny ;) ! :D
    yes, will improve. Actually buat sorg2 is harder than i thought it would be. =='

    Thx for the comment! XD


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