Monday, September 3, 2012

Bodoh #4

Hello everybody.

This is very very recent happened to me. LOL

I felt really really bodoh and why la I do that. Hahaha

The story goes like this...................

My friend Arie asked me to pick him up at the college hostel. (Because before that I drove his car to do a study-related errand)

So, I need to go to the toilet first before driving. But then, there is this one auntie.....

My path to arie's car

So, she asks me...

I was like, excuse me?

She ask again..

(My cousin gave me a new watch to me as he didn't wear it no more..)

Using the exact quote, the auntie said..


So, I was rushing like hell. But then suddenly, something struck my mind.

The auntie asked me, jam berapa,  jam berapa.

She asked me what is the time! Not how much!!!

Jam pukul berapa!!

Not jam berapa RM!!!!

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