Monday, January 24, 2011

Idea #1

Hey y'all!

Wassup? Been okay? Sakit kepala? Rest la. Tidur petang.

Buku lali bengkak? Pakai minyak panas. Vicks pon bole la! X)

Okay. Listen.

Have you guys heard of the 'pertalian 10 minit' challenge?


It's easy. All you have to do is pick up your phone and find a contact number. Say..... I dunno. Anje maybe? Sbb penah dgr someone cite nenek die panggil begitu. Hee~

OK. Everything's set? Call la~~!

But your time limit is only 10 minutes.


  • you get to save time, money
  • your friends tak bising2 or kacau time call
  • you can lepaskan rindu or whatsoever


  • 10 mins to some parties may feel insufficient
  • rindu tak sempat nk diluahkan sepenuhnya

Aww.. It's not that bad.. Because the advantages exceeds the disadvantages! Weighs down the disadvantages down the drain .. Haha

Well. What are you waiting for? Try it!

Buzz out!

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